BIM – or the agreement to disagreement

Wikipedia says about BIM: The concept of building information modeling (abbreviated BIM) describes a method of optimized design, implementation and management of buildings with the help of software. All relevant building data is recorded digitally combined and connected. …

In general, the descriptions and information on Wikipedia are consistent. From the point of view of a building, the description is consistent and accurate. In addition, there now but also people and with them a variety of needs, considerations, views, and above all its processes and economic interests. Whenever a person is added it is unfortunately cumbersome and complicated.

The building owners construct buildings according to their needs and budget. The planners have been working with their software products. The involved in the planning of technical equipment suppliers have been working with their software products. The contractors create buildings and use of organizational processing software. Refine the software manufacturer for years and expand their software products. Either the owners or operators manage after the completion of the building with the support of software. All are successful. But all have an equal understanding of BIM or works BIM as it introduced all?

BIM-IFC-300People who have a different mother tongue, talk and agree, as long as their economic interests are not affected. They have found a communicative way. Software producers always pursue economic interests. The people agree that the software manufacturers to help them share their data with each other for economic reasons. The manufacturer fulfills the wishes always to a certain level. For replacement of 2D data over years against various resistances the DXF format has prevailed. Then arose in the same way for 3D data, the IFC format. But are we closer to our goal of BIM?

BIM-BIM-300It is undisputed that BIM helps to avoid mistakes in planning and construction costs to be calculated accurately. I cannot imagine that builders have therefore in principle objection to BIM me. Software users to become friends gradually with BIM, when they see that BIM helps them to avoid mistakes. Unnecessary discussions within the remedial of defects anyone can do without. The sole nor the group remains on the software manufacturers who need to rebuild their products so that then all the talk about BIM speak to the technical depth, but also about the same BIM.

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