BIM+3D-CAD or „50 Shades of BIM“


First, I beg your pardon again for the little comparison. But it has occurred to me spontaneously. In no region of the world, the range of CAD in architecture and construction seem to be as big and as varied as in German-speaking countries. In the last third of the last century, some developers have come up with the idea in parallel in Germany to program a three-dimensional software for architecture. All solutions were complex to use and usually not the right tool for a draftsman. By law, the CAD has in the offices until she was two-dimensional. Nevertheless, the diversity was maintained until today.

Currently offer almost 80 software vendors at nearly 100 products in the fields of architecture and civil engineering. CAD is actually a segment of IT, which is not one of the key issues and the architecture and civil engineering in turn is only a part of it. 100 products are therefore a very large number.

In the area of data exchange has become so well established over the years the DXF format such coverage. DXF was for years the minimum consensus for the users. Under pressure from the major construction groups of data exchange via the IFC has been established then a few years ago. Meanwhile you can find the IFC interface in 35 software products,. The 35 products can so three-dimensional object data and descriptions of Exchange.

Due to the IFC interface use at 28 products, software manufacturers in their marketing the word BIM. I want to express my gratitude at this point let’s look at those who have built an IFC interface but not so equal speak of BIM. It would be nice if all the manufacturers will speak exactly the same BIM. At the moment but we are still on the level „50 Shades of BIM.“


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