Several people work with BIMOS in a BIM project together


The following story should not provide a comprehensive insight into the operation and collaboration of several people in the context of a BIM project. BIMOS is a Building Information Management Operating System. 

An architect comes in the morning in his office. He starts BIMOS on his PC and dials into with his project e-mail address First, open the dashboard. The tasks and requests will be displayed in the overview. His most important task today is the fundamental development of the building 47. This task has been assigned to him yesterday by the chief planner. 

Currently there is for the building 43 only the 3D design study from the property plan. In his BIMOS he selects the property plan and its CAD system starts and loads the layout plan in his CAD system. The general plan is in 2D and a representation in scale 1: 1000th All buildings are shown in simplified form. At your presentation but you can see in which state planning or construction stage, all buildings are located. He chooses building 47 and CAD systems invites further data on BIMOS online from the database. So far, the plan consists only of a coarse model and a description of the function of the building. He begins with his work. 

For all objects designed by the architect, the architect is automatically entered as „owner“ in the database. Only he or his supervisor have rights to these objects. The architect must make during his work not worry about storing data. As soon as he has drawn his objects, they are stored in the database. Each object is automatically assigned an object name. In the afternoon, the architect finishes his work. The BIMOS stores the last setting of the session so that it can quickly go into the project the next morning. All properties have not been released by him. Their condition is stored in the database. 

Meanwhile the building technician and structural engineer have been assigned the building 47. They are able to inform themselves and see the building in their CAD systems in the current state now. The architect, the building technician and the structural engineer to know about the BIMOS that they work together on building 47. Each uses a different CAD system. If the architect has made his first release for the building 47, the house technician and the structural engineer to be informed. 

During this process, the three and gradually more people engaged in regular exchange. All information is stored in the project to the respective objects. If all their work have enabled the chief planner and the controller must decide whether the building will go into production.

The chief planner and the controller will always have an insight into the building 47. You can see how far the planning has progressed and whether the building is still in the budget. You can intervene and make adjustments in the processes in time. 

Throughout the project can be defined in BIMOS, who should be informed where and included or needs. All data is stored in a database. There are no more drawing files. Buildings must not be loaded completely. Everyone always loads only to the items on its local work, which he needs for his current session. An object selection is made by the geographical indication in combination with the respective subjects. In addition a loading objects at any time. A crash of the local workstation does not lead to data loss. 

Each and every architect planners can participate with his CAD system in the planning. The CAD system and all other software products used must have only a BIMOS connector. The location and the type of database can be chosen depending on the individual security requirements. The form of the objects must be defined or you could use the IFC descriptions as a base. 

BIMOS requires an open data management. BIMOS also requires openness all for a new form of collaboration with IT. There are also active communities worldwide to communicate using the English language. This no one has ever asked or required. It works but still. In contrast, BIMOS does not work by itself. It must be programmed and marketed before all things. Programming and marketing cost money.

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