Germany slept through the paradigm shift

ElbeIn Spiegel Online on weekends it has an interesting article „Müllers Memo: Germany is not equipped for the digital revolution“ announced at CeBIT. For the Industry 4.0 not only machinery, equipment, IOT or the information highways are. To all this build sustainable and efficient, the complete infrastructure including land and buildings must meet the requirements for a successful industry 4.0.

To put this in turn successfully on the way, people need to change their ways of working in enterprise-wide projects and processes and redefine. World is hotly debated in forums. In Germany is also discussed. Frightening is the discussion Level.

Public is often discussed by the Projects airport Berlin, Stuttgart 21 or Elbe Philharmonic Hall. How do we bring these projects forward when most of the base has not even noticed that we need new forms of cooperation in projects in Germany. Berlin can create a legal framework and example change the HOAI. Whether it actually implement the necessary changes succeed, will be decided in the factories and in the minds of local people.


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