The forgotten dimension

DimensionenThis week I have the fair and congress facilitymanagement 2015 Frankfurt visited, to give me an update on the existing market CAFM software products. It is particularly important to me to get an overview of the current integration of BIM and CAFM was.

The first impression is crucial they say. So I’ve seen the first exhibition stands and their advertising messages. Very often, you could discover the terms „CAFM“ and „maintenance and repair“ and their modifications in the advertising messages. These messages I read for years. Given a limited number, I also can discover the keyword “BIM”. The first impression is not always the crucial, but I was talking only with those exhibitors who gives an impression based on your detailed visual messages that they actively engage with the issues CAFM and BIM or BIM on at least not reject in principle. Testing I have a company mentioned that expressed by the advertising messages a lack of interest. My interview was then terminated after one minute.

What I mean by dimensions: The first two dimensions are the dimensions that describe an area for me. The third dimension makes the area a space. The fourth dimension is time. The fifth dimension is the money or the cost. In addition, the properties and processes that combine the dimensions of each other and describe the objects closer. These are for me not as independent dimensions.

There will be additional dimensions. This I will not describe here. But they are only feasible if all previous dimensions are considered complete and used. I’ve seen during my tour of the exhibition a little further dimensions. I am working on in another dimension since 10 years apart. The approaches are there. They have not convinced me.

All CAFM software vendors are working with the fourth and fifth dimension. This is the absolute minimum without that software does not make sense in the area. Those manufacturers that include the graphic have integrated with the first two dimensions. These integrations have been around since the mid-90s. Have been improved and refined over the years there but only the object relations and the quality of the graphics. A room or space book can be very well represented graphically in two dimensions and are complemented on the descriptions by a third Dimension.

Where now is the third dimension in CAFM, which makes the two-dimensional space in three dimensions? This would be the first step towards BIM. At the show, I found a small one-digit number of exhibitors who are working with the third dimension but employ only one who can present an interesting result there already. That is why for me currently the third dimension is „the forgotten dimension“.

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