Gleanings FM show in Frankfurt

CAFBIMMWith my article, the „forgotten dimension“ I wanted to deliberately provoke a little. The origin of most CAFM software products in the German-speaking countries from history a two-dimensional graphical origin and the CAD Space polygon cling today most resistant.

Most tasks and processes can also easily be handled with a two-dimensional graph. I would like to apologize to those whose system I did not watch. I am particularly the systems considered, the deal based on your advertising with BIM. I am at least been able to find 5 of 30 booths. Two of the companies offer now data connections to two of the three major CAD software vendors. That’s encouraging. The other three have been limited to a CAD software vendors.

If now the future more and more buildings are created in 3D using BIM, very few manufacturers of CAFM software products have a chance to take the data meaningful. It’s not just about the transfer of data but also to the analysis of 3D models and writing back subject content of the CAFM in the building model. If after years of a building shall be rebuilt, a group of planners must but can do something with this data.

None of the provider is currently able to fully read a CAD file, save it to a universal database format and later read in another CAD format. The two providers who have dealt with at least two of the three major CAD vendors, I trust them to bring such a procedure on the way. I’m also assuming that the database structure can be extended easily. Much of the provider in the German market, I do not trust it. They first need to reform their databases.

An interesting side effect for importing graphics in the database would be to use presentation of 3D graphics in other environments outside the CAD software. A change in the graphics would be then automatically updated in all application areas.

Too many software vendors since I have a good contact and want to keep it in the future, I call in my articles aware any names. But you may like to speak directly to me, if I am to be more specific.

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