The battle for software customers


An automatic door is an automatic door. It was not until her replacement will be scheduled at a location in the building. Then the door is ordered, manufactured, supplied, calculated paid, installed, delivered and received. Then they wait. If it fails, it will be repaired and if it cannot be repaired, it will be removed and scrapped. All processes are accompanied digitally. All persons involved in working with software. Although it is always the same object „Automatic door,“ it is manually applied generally in IT as an object at least ten times and rewritten. It would be ideal if the object is created only once and the object information is gradually added would be. It will take a long time before we really create the door as an IT object only once.

Some speak of building design and build and the other building sustain and maintain. Some speak of BIM and the other of CAFM. Some programming software for the modeling of buildings and other design database models to manage building data. Some work closely with the graphics and the other with the alpha-numeric.

Currently, two groups of software vendors are facing. Some develop BIM and the other CAFM. Everyone keeps its software for the more important. Also, the competition is fierce within the groups. Each strives to be best arranged product and sell it. Who wants to work consistently with BIM and CAFM today, so you have to talk to two software companies. There is no complete solution or a complete integrated philosophy from a single hand, even though both use the same object automatic door.

Today, there are neither in the area BIM CAD still in CAFM an absolute leader in the software vendors. There are and have always been a first, a second and a third. A true leader must combine both areas in one software. The user would be happy. He had finally a software with which he could once create the automatic door and consistently use in all processes.

Ein Kommentar zu „The battle for software customers

  1. If people think like that there is no way of coming a step forward!
    BIM is not a Software, it is a way to talk and understand and manage the WHOLE process of planing – building and operating / managing a building…
    BIM is the concurrent discussion and definition of that all graphic and non graphic informations which are useful and needed to do for example cool images, energy simulations, bidding, MEP dimensioning, materialbills, prefabrication, logistic planning, time sheduling, cost calculations etc. and at the end bring out the FM informations like room/floor area, cleaning needs, fireclap location / ID etc.
    -> with the goal to chose the right partners with the right tools and abilities to fulfill all predifined BIM-relevant projectgoals.
    We should maybe talk instead of BIM, about virtual design, construction and operation VDCO to make shure that CAFM is not the „belly“ of all but „only“ tha last user of the Building Information Model.

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