My thanks to my readers

Actually, I never wanted to write a blog. What can I tell people what they do not already know anyway. But when curious person I always wanted to know whether and how a blog works already. In software, I have already taken some positions. I was support manager, training manager, in sales, dealer sales, software development manager, in consulting, marketing, mediator, project manager, interim project manager, employee and entrepreneur. So why not try it on a blog myself. As with any subject? I am not a cook, have no green thumb, do not collect objects and do not want to drag my family life in the public already. All topics on the subject of software construction and I have always been busy. It’s more than just a job for me. So it was finally obvious to write about, one is dealing with the already long and hard.

On a whim, I started a little over a year with the writing of the blog. My short texts have so far 602 people from 33 countries read 1574 times. Since then, I write my lyrics bilingual, I have more readers. On average, there are 25 calls per day. Yesterday my posts of 45 people was read 70 times over. I would like to thank all the readers very much!

Technically oriented readers are always a bit cautious with your comments. But if you ever have the desire that I should write something on a specific topic, then you may like to send me your request topics an e-mail:

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