Do we need Building 4.0?

Building4.0In her opening speech at the CeBIT 2015, the German Chancellor has spoken on digitization and context on industry 4.0 and digital factories. As a result, the issue of Industry 4.0 was considered in detail in several publications: The computerization of production technology, with the aim of „intelligent factories“ to make so-called Smart Factories. These are characterized by their ability to change, resource efficiency and ergonomics, for example, in the human-machine collaboration and the integration of clients, customers and business partners in business and value creation processes.

I ask myself whether we simply can use this to take concepts digitization and Industry 4.0 or should replace with digitization and Building 4.0. In my opinion, we need their own strong identification in the field of construction. We want to be an appendage of another movement which does not respect our interests and desires. I do not mean the fact that we should go on a collision course, but confident our interests should be represented. Industry 4.0 can only be successful when building with 4.0 considered as a strong pillar.

When talking about the digitization and digital economy, only the traditional IT areas, communication and internet industry are usually meant. Are we talking about the future digitization in combination with 4.0, real objects, their object-oriented graphics, design, manufacture, maintenance and scrapping must be included. It does not matter whether we are talking about industry 4.0 or 4.0 Building. The major CAD software manufacturer, we see the global range of the digital industry in the sales ranking pretty far back. According to this field is ignored throughout the digital economy. Most retailers have no idea of the CAD. In most cases the object graph ends as a PDF file in a document management system. Building 4.0 and Industry 4.0 is more complex and requires a much greater knowledge.

The user and the provider of software sitting in the implementation of Building 4.0 in the same boat. They are in the digital economy an insignificant group but indispensable for the overall progress. In personal interviews of software users, I note that the information needs is very large. Personally, I cannot be active everywhere. That’s why I set up the “Building Cluster Norddeutschland” in a social network. Advertising I have not yet made active for it. I’m still trying to gather information for a first round.


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