The devil is in the detail

TeufelimDetailOne of my readers asked me to write again about the level of detail in the BIM and CAFM. His questions were: What level of detail should I use in BIM and CAFM? What solution would you recommend?

If I make a consultation, comes to these questions immediately a question: What are your goals with the use of BIM and CAFM? Neither the question nor the counter-question can be answered in one sentence.

In this case I want with my favorite example answer the topic of mine. As an object, then I take mostly the fire damper. Fire safety is an issue that should take very seriously. It’s about the safety of the people who reside in a building. A fire damper must be continuously maintained. In addition, we also need to know of each fire damper where it is installed and from which room you is accessible. From the perspective of the fire damper is then automatically results in the use of BIM and CAFM the depth of Detail.

Nobody wants to be overloading BIM project or its later CAFM database unnecessary information. Therefore, each client must specify only once in principle to the demolition of a building its own level of detail of the preparation. The decisive factor is the use of the building or the use of the buildings in total. In industrial buildings there are other priorities than in clinics or residential buildings. When creating the buildings are other criteria in the foreground than in the building maintenance and use. No matter what decision was made once to detail in BIM and CAFM, new laws and rules can make a correction of the decision is necessary.

If you just need to make a decision, you seek out software products with which you also can customize flexible databases and structures later. The devil is in the choice of software products in detail. Everyone has to make up your mind for a product because the set of objects and the variety of processes require. Come to a decision is better than not to decide.


Ein Kommentar zu „The devil is in the detail

  1. … and because of that it is so important to define the details through the planning and building till the operating phase!
    The fire dumper Motor and the open/closed contact needs predefined ID’s in the schematics AND the 3D Model.
    And you need motor- + service-space modelled on the correct side of the dumper/wall in the ventilation model.
    And maybe the fire-protecting insulation modelled as well.
    In a wall with fire-protection-zone-information…

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