To BIM, or not to BIM, that is the question


Actually, I wanted to write about the different variations of BIM. This one makes you think and maybe wander a little off topic. Therefore, the headline is perhaps a little misleading. But a post without a headline does not fit. Although the issue of BIM is a central theme of the construction industry for digitizing, may and you do not always take everything too seriously. Now to the actual topic.

Closed BIM

The closed BIM is the easiest to implement. When closed BIM all participants use the CAD software of a single software manufacturer. In the closed BIM there are again two variants.

Variant A: A large construction company is planning to implement all the functions of a big construction project in your own home in the area. The decision to buy the software products of a software manufacturer can be easily implemented.

Variant b: At least two companies, for example, an architect and a structural engineer agree to cooperate on the basis of a manufacturer’s software. The two companies have worked together in the past many times.

The closed and BIM is used successively as a rule for multiple projects simultaneously. The collected during the initial projects experiences have a positive effect on other projects.

Open BIM

In the open BIM CAD data is exchanged consistently via the IFC format. With all its advantages and disadvantages bring that interfaces with himself. An open BIM is best used when working in large projects always new partner. Gathering experience is much more difficult and more one focuses on the exchange of data and no longer seek to build on the lessons shared knowledge for future projects.

Mixed BIM

The likelihood of the closed BIM is a mixed BIM development is greatest. The architect and the structural engineer missing a house engineer and a civil engineer. The house technicians and civil engineers use other software products. Nevertheless, their expertise are in demand in projects. The integration is not impossible but also not easy. All who have done this once will be able to confirm it.

Sustainable BIM

Now I speak again to the interaction of BIM and CAFM. The sustainable BIM there may be in combination with the closed BIM, the open BIM and the mixed BIM. But sustained then also means that the user graphical data from the CAFM also can edit after years in a current CAD system. In this case the user will be more inclined to store the data in a graphical format that you can use in several years later.

Prefer our large CAD software vendor and apply of course the closed BIM. Then talk only of BIM. The smaller software vendors prefer to speak from the open BIM. They do not want to get lost in the concert of the great.

The introduction of BIM in one or in a group of companies is always an individual case basis. It depends on different factors. But the fact is that all companies involved in construction have to deal with the digital process chain. When it comes to the graphical data, then you cannot escape the BIM. Who before it closes its eyes, it will in the future have a hard time to participate in projects. I’ve known current projects where this is the case.

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