Do we need BIM certifications?

BIMCertificationCertifications are sometimes necessary but sometimes questionable. Certifications are customers and consumers show that the companies and their employees are committed to a standard recognized for that and also live.

Certifications presuppose that there are standards and norms. The standards and norms have been established by people in working groups (For example IFC interface). Certain things have also made over the years of applying themselves to the standard and are then officially declared a standard (For example PDF format). IFC and PDF have become both ISO standards. To assign a certification by IFC or PDF is simple because the software products that can generate the formats that can be accurately tested.

Which impairment has a certification for a company? In the 90s my former CAD system house has been certified as the second in Germany in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. There were aspirations that companies should be given only to public contracts if they have been certified according to DIN EN ISO. This was unfortunately never practiced because it would have then been little competitors. That was politically not wanted. As part of the certification but we have learned a lot for ourselves and our company. We have also learned that it has in our own hands how high you should raise the bar of certification without the Skip (= certification) falls down the bar. We have also learned that there is enormous difficulty for an examiner to certify things when he has no clue. It can then only check that all formalism are met.

When we talk about BIM certifications, then we should also think carefully about what we want to certify at all. Let’s software products certified? Do we want to certify companies and users? Do we want to certify BIM coordinators and BIM experts?

The standards and norms can be established only by people who are concerned over a longer period with the subject of BIM. That would be the self-appointed BIM experts and coordinators. They would then certify themselves basically. That would be a contradiction in terms.

Companies and users could be quite certified to BIM. It must be taken then but that then the certification body not from the company itself with it. This would also be a contradiction in terms.

The easiest way is to certify software products for BIM would. The software products must meet the required standards and norms. Since we have to watch only when setting up the standards and norms that our dear software manufacturer to enforce their wishes not too intense.

There are newer certifications on the market, which I consider very skeptical. Because, unfortunately, is far too large the influence of the software manufacturer. Who collaborates diligently there, can formulate the test criteria with so that its software is always good there, even if it’s no good. Also individual certifications of individual software vendors are absolutely worthless. I may be in the statement hard, but in the field of BIM, we certainly have the chance to intervene in time.

I gladly offer when creating certifications participate. By creating certifications I have been able to gather experience. I am independent of software vendors. I am also not a fixed employee of a company that wants to be certified. But you should have the opportunity at the end of the day I finally, to be able to earn in the implementation of certifications money. Just before we have to answer the fundamental question of whether we can all achieve certification as a credible seal of quality in the market and sell. That will only happen if at the beginning of the certification participates a significant amount of companies and positions the certificate in its media.


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