Do you prefer Open-Closed-BIM or Closed-Open-BIM?

SchlossIn the first approach, this statement might be a bit confusing. I also wondered whether I give this case my neutrality and should call horses and riders by their names. As always, I then decided against it.

It is once again the big software vendors in this industry. Size seems then to be relatively sometime again. This time I include the vendors of architectural, engineering and plant software in my considerations with in.

In the field of architecture and construction, there are currently four major software vendors and in the field of mechanical and plant engineering, I see only four. There are many other good software vendors. Are unfortunately meaningless in the now upcoming consideration. One may please forgive me. The manufacturer of GIS software I do not prefer in my considerations. They currently play a minor role. The world is measured and the claims are staked. The Moon and Mars are not yet their turn.

Due to the topics Industrial 4.0, digitization and cloud the world grows literally together digitally. The customer or the user wants to use its data in continuous process chains and cooperate in projects with many other different places. Suddenly one or the other of the major software vendors realizes that he can construct any building with its software or that he can offer its customers any cloud solution. Whether the customer wants it done at all, is not at issue.

Suddenly arise alliances between the major software vendors. Every now and then one will not shake the feeling that they form alliances before a major software vendor loses the connection to the top. If someone from the mechanical and plant engineering allied with a vendor from the architectural and construction industry itself, it makes sense, because you can offer mutual customers a complete solution. Then, when two received from the field of architecture and building an alliance, to get even more to the idea that there are both not bring in their own area. Two of the great out of the machine has gotten from the field of architecture no. Perhaps an even place indeed the way to the architectural alliance. Only one software vendor can offer the complete range of products currently worldwide.

So as I have noticed in many discussions, but really want the world Open BIM have. Currently thwart the major software manufacturers but this desire. All suggest the user because of the interfaces offered by them that make Open BIM, but in my opinion we are moving more towards Open-Closed-BIM or Closed-Open BIM.


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