From 0 to 100 BIM


Comparisons are always, but they are allowed already. All companies that want to introduce BIM, eventually have to start again and embark on the journey. The German dearest child is still the car. So why not even make a comparison with a car.

Every journey has a start and a goal. The aim is to perfect the use of BIM = 100 BIM. But which way should I go, what kind of car I have, as my car is motorized, as fast as I want to get to the goal or what procedure is appropriate? All these questions I have to ask myself.

Added to this are further issues, comes to mind immediately. Do I need a license? Is there traffic rules? What are the road conditions? Can my car ever ride on the road?

The vehicle size is set, because every company that deals with the introduction of BIM, the time of starting has a certain size. Also the motor = the number of employees and its strength = knowledge of employees is announced at the beginning of the journey.

Now even the destination of the journey = 100 BIM has to be defined. But where I am, anyway on the map? Where is my starting point and where I want to go. Therefore, I must first deal with the conditions before I can define the goal.

Now I have the car, the engine, the starting point and the goal defined. Now follows the exact planning of the trip. We would certainly achieve the goal 100 BIM.

How fast will I achieve my goal? Normally, I always want to quickly get to the destination. In some ways, I am an impatient person. But I have to worry about whether my company and my employees to move with my desired speed at all. An engine failure, I do not want to risk it. If the speed is most importantly for me, I have to consider whether I should change the vehicle and replace the engine before I drive off me. One has to be considered in any case. A fast mode of operation also leads to a higher fuel consumption = cost.

I have decided. I prefer to drive with my car and my engine. A look at the Finance tells me that driving style is appropriate. Not only for reasons of financing, it is advisable to plan the trip in stages. In the tank of my vehicle always fits only a certain amount of gasoline. My employees cannot take all the necessary knowledge at once at the beginning of the journey. After reaching the first stage I can then think about how I want to set the next milestone. It does not hurt when you think while driving again on the ride itself.

Which route is the right one? We have not made any statement about the route of the journey. We only know that we want to plan our journey in stages and we know how much gasoline fits into the tank. We want to safely and reliably get to their destination. But no matter where we go along, we always meet somewhere on construction sites. For our purpose we need 100 BIM complex and integrated digital software solutions. So it may be that we meet in spite of all good travel arrangements always once again to a daily construction site which was not known, unfortunately, prior to departure.

Is a navigation device helpful? We must then but once questioning whether our vehicles are equipped with them at all and if we already have such a high density of traffic on the streets BIM that these devices have already been invented. I soon it off at this point. BIM Navies there are not yet.

Is there ever been traffic rules? In some countries there are already traffic rules. I have traveled not all countries. In the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands and Austria, I have one or even several sets of rules = BIM guidelines found. Unfortunately, the BIM guidelines are not uniform. The German guide I consider only the first statement on the subject.

Is my car at all roadworthy? Every car in Germany has regularly TÜV or Dekra for. I then to appropriate global standards and norms (ISO) sought, with which one could perform a BIM-testing companies. If I’m looking for, then I’m looking also for standardization and normalization of roads. The 100 should be suitable for BIM. The search then I have also carried out in Germany (DIN). The result was sobering. There are the first approaches and definitions but unfortunately still nothing like the DIN 276 and DIN 277. Currently only clearly defined global standard is the data exchange via IFC. That’s even a beginning.

Can we put at all without a driving test to the control? We may even without driving instructor towards BIM 100 break? Basically everyone is allowed to drive yourself towards 100 BIM. Requirements or prohibitions do not exist. In some countries I believe it is useful when companies choose a driving instructor who is available either in whole or in phases when driving sideways. In Germany, there are also one or the other driving instructors although there are no norms and rules. The only question is how often the driving instructors themselves are already down the path from 0 to 100 BIM and, above all, the ways in which they drove.

Now two questions that I have not asked at the beginning. When should I start driving than ever and why should I start driving now, anyway?

The question of „when“ can be answered with a curt „immediately“. Worldwide takes the issue of BIM to gradually drive and it is working continuously on the guidelines and standards and their standardization. And as always in life, suddenly they are then ready. No matter where I am with my business, it is now advisable to embark on the journey towards 100 BIM. The stages can be roughly divided. After each stage, but you should look at how the guidelines and standards, and the streets have evolved again.

The question of „why now“ can also be answered succinctly. Knowledge can only continuously acquire and build over a longer period. The method „lead foot“ is feasible when driving but not useful. On the way toward 100 BIM, this method is not useful and feasible only under a substantial financial investment.

Now comes the final question. What happens if I give up the journey towards 100 BIM? I do not drive my car so for its own sake towards 100 BIM. I want to offer my car to my clients for your projects as a truck, van or taxi. My customers will take only notice of me, when I move in flowing traffic and they see me there. If my car is in a parking lot or in a garage, then I can also sell or unsubscribe it equal.

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