How many BIM Guidelines do we need?


In July I give a lecture. To prepare the lecture I have taken the trouble to look for the official guidelines, rules, agreements, recommendations or other documents. The day before yesterday I’ve been searching for 97 set. I’m pretty sure that there are more. I’ve had enough but. Maybe I should something drastic formulate my statement: I have had enough! 

Fortunately, we have with the IFC format a worldwide general description of objects that can use planning, construction and operation in the entire region. We just have to watch out all together, that there is no more new formats in the areas of planning criteria and in the technical trades of operating that complicate the entire digital chain unnecessarily. For example, I now read a roadmap Maintenance 4.0 from Austria, where I have not found a single clue about BIM. This roadmap has just been published. 

What expectations people have of BIM? Because of the many definitions it is difficult for us to define our expectations of BIM exactly. Those who deal with the issue for some time, have formulated their expectations and set this as a user in projects or as BIM consultants to already. But the masses do not know how they should behave. Currently, the number of consultants to rapidly than the number of projects that have already been realized with BIM. 

I would therefore like to rephrase the question in a different way. What expectations have users to legislators and their associations? The answer can there only be: at last provides us with a binding and detailed statement of what we to understand by BIM and on which official BIM guidelines, we should talk. At least was the foundation of the building and planning 4.0 GmbH in Germany made the first step. Since at least try all the relevant associations and the German legislature to adopt a clear position for Germany. That would be something like a „BIM Guideline Germany 1.0“. 

At the same time at the European level an EU BIM Task Group was set up, which has the task of developing a „BIM Guideline Europe 1.0“. So here comes a little hope that we can do it in Europe, to formulate from currently 27 known to me a single policy. Then we would have the world according to my calculations, only 71 instead of 97. 

In parallel with the discussion about a European BIM Guideline just the EU has opened an infringement procedure against the German HOAI and against other service guidelines of five countries. It would be something more than useful if the services directives are having to make adjustments through the „BIM Guideline Europe 1.0“. 

The faster a unification process is concluded here, the sooner we could do it also to reduce the number of BIM Guidelines in Europe. I’m also pretty sure that Europe then also could ensure that could lead to a reduction of BIM guidelines in other parts of the world.



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