Do you know the potholes in the BIM-streets?

SchlaglochI wanted to write this article in my blog for quite some time. But I have always hesitated a bit. How will people react to it, who happily struggled through to finally start with BIM? Are they now going to back down or to wait and see? I certainly do not want. Although a road full of potholes is, you can still go to her. One only has to adjust his speed. Until BIM beginners master their car and can give full speed, the software vendor will have already ensured that the potholes are removed. 

Is creativity planable? 

We have decided to implement a project complete with BIM. We know what we need specialists and planners. The task force has met and determined the common standards and now are ready to go.

To get a complete picture and to keep it, I would hold the details in a project plan and determine the order of processing and the milestones. I would also give a first estimate of how much each needs for his job. This plan I would then send for approval to all. The owner has given us an appointment at the beginning, when we should be ready or we are only at the offer stage and must comply with a deadline.

Now everyone starts for themselves, to work creatively with the CAD. Gradually there will be results. A reference to the project plan does not exist. So I can not be measured automatically during the creative process to progress. I am only in a position with one of the many software products to consider the collisions and instruct planners to fix the errors. A reference to my project plan I lack. 

Between question: Does anyone know of a project planning software with which you can establish a direct link to CAD objects or to a group of CAD objects? It must be possible to create a building, a floor or a room first in the project planning software. 

If the building has been completely modeled after BIM standards and we then move to the construction phase, there are software products for construction companies, with which we can then carry out the calculation and the entire settlement. The products also have a module project planning. 

Can I realize und document approvals electronically? 

If the planners in the creative phase to replace the models, they must communicate with each other. Verbal communication we need to reduce to a minimum. Many of you have already participated in many ineffective construction meetings. Therefore it makes sense that everyone has their digital objects can identify so that all know which status quo are the constructions. A reliability for the successor can only arise if the predecessor has proposed its objects either to release or released. Depending on the scope of the project, the release will be realized in several stages. Once the objects have been released, it is advisable to retain the structure via Snapshot and digital signature. If it should come later to discussion, I would want to know who has released what at what time. After each change the structure must unfortunately again into the approval process. 

Supplementary question: If someone has a software found after I was looking for my first supplementary question, I ask also to check whether there is an approval process there. 

Is there an integrated digital documentation? 

This question is for building management is of great importance. I can describe in great detail in the BIM objects. But I will never overdo it. The description I’ll make just as intense, so that the building can be created without error and passed. Technically complex systems must be monitored and maintained later during operation. The operator of the building considered the building different from the planners. Each manufacturer of technical equipment supplies with an appropriate documentation for the objects. In general, the data sheets are available in PDF format. Whether this documentation is now added in the planning stage or under construction until the digital objects depends on whether the planner wants to allow the execution of different products. Only at the very end, the documentation must not be forgotten and must be ensured? 

Additional Question: Is there a software that allows you not only calculates and settles, but also documented consistently? 

How we hand over in the future building owners the construction documents? 

In any case, completely electronically and no longer on paper. Currently you can only pass a relatively unmanageable amount of individual files. Our software products currently produce only individual files. Will this be sufficient in the long run? 

All software products in the field of Facility Management based today on a database. The operators were a bit more satisfied when they would get at the handover of a building a well-structured directory structure with electronic documents. Then would be a little recovered. This data can then be read via import functions. It’s even easier if you could pass an entire database would. There, all objects and the related documents were contained already linked. The building databases can either be imported into the existing database or it would even entirely new Facility Management products are formed. 

Additional question: no. 

There are facilities management software solutions that work together either with a proprietary drawing format or solutions that IFC can read data. But a perfect BIM CAFM solution I have not seen before, where the whole process can be run continuously and without interruption from the planning to the building maintenance based on one database. It will not be enough if we eliminate the potholes in the streets BIM, but then probably the BIM roads need to be completely retreaded. 

Message to those who want to start with BIM: Make your way and start! There is no reason to wait. Even now you can work with BIM more efficient and productive than without BIM.


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