Is BIM performance measurable?

As you know, I sit down for a long time with the theme of BIM apart. In the global debate about the issue and about BIM, we came to some realizations.

  • BIM is unstoppable. Unless BIM stops itself.
  • BIM is diverse. The opinions about BIM are manifold. It does not matter whether the statements made by users or software vendors come.
  • BIM requires OpenBIM
  • BIM has a common database. Thanks to the commitment of BuildingSMART, we can exchange three-dimensional building models via the IFC interface.
  • BIM is not adjustable. Worldwide there are over 100 BIM guidelines. And there are new or modified devised daily.

Helped us an IFC certification?

If a software manufacturer can certify an IFC interface at BuildingSMART, gets the software manufacturer for its software a certificate that its interface complies with the requirements for an IFC data exchange according to the technical rules. The IFC certification indicates to the user that his existing or future software can be reasonably used inBIM projects.

Helps us a BIM certification further?

There are three reasons that a BIM certification will not help us further.

  • A BIM certification presupposes that we only have the world only a single directive, according to which the company can then certify. With the variety of experiences in different countries, I can not currently imagine the best of intentions, that we quickly come to a consensus.
  • A second reason is that a certification is always only an indication whether a company gets it or does not get it. A further differentiation can not exist.
  • A third reason is that we need a neutral body for conducting the exam for this certification. In my opinion it is not sufficient for the certification of enterprises, only to evaluate the technical qualities of the company. Even with the technical skills we would distinguish beforehand what technical content are important or not important.

We must succeed, however, move forward with the issue of BIM. If more companies come together to form a common BIM project, they need to find a common denominator in the cooperation. You must not only find a common denominator, but also talk openly about what they can or can not. A statement – I have a BIM certification – is a little helpful. But even just a little. This one is bound to the ultimate question.

Is BIM performance measurable?

On this question I have been thinking for a long time and this is discussed with others. We believe that measuring the BIM performance is feasible. Measuring the BIM performance of a company and its employees must be performed quickly, easily, independently and neutrally.

  • Quick: The Measure is a snapshot. The period must be very strictly limited.
  • Simple: Each affected employee in the company must be consulted. The companies do not want to invest too much time. Time is money!
  • Independent and neutral: Unique questions can be answered unequivocally. Unique answers lead to clear and reasoned statements and independent and neutral results. The company – my company and my business partner – which measure the BIM performance benefit only with the service of the evaluation, but not the outcome itself!


What is a BIMcheck?

Our BIMcheck Starter measures the performance of a company BIM and its employees. There are questions of 10 subregions. The questions are easy and quick to answer – but have it in them! Based on the questions the participants can learn that is important in BIM not only the software, but that it is about the people whose cooperation and to their team spirit. BIM is a paradigm shift in the cooperation. The company receives a detailed analysis of the 10 sub-areas, a BIMrating and a recommended course of action for the development of the company. This recommendation for action should be implemented together with the BIM consultants of the Company. The graphic shows an exemplary BIMrating. Overall, we currently have 16 possible steps.


Why is it interesting to make the BIMcheck or to make it more than once?

The companies and their employees get not only a statement as to where they are, but also what they can do to develop. If the company after some time – we are talking about already for several months or a year or two – (= t2-t1 in the two graphs) performs the BIMcheck Advanced, it would be nice if this case as a result comes out a better BIMrating. The company will receive a statement as to whether the investment (time and money) has also calculated. Since the BIMrating should be improved continuously, the company can calculate and predict the next investment better.


What do I have from a BIMrating?

The BIMrating will be an incentive for the employees that BIMrating to improve continuously. In a certification you pleased to announce that you have been. More not. The BIMrating meets not only the statement in which power level, the company is currently located, but what attitude have the companies and their employees in cooperation with other companies. With a BIMrating „0“ no one will want to be satisfied.

We come to our example back. Several companies want to jointly perform a BIM project. In the first meeting says in the imagination of each, which BIMrating he has. Automatically all are immediately aware, where each company stands for and how best can proceed. 

Currently the BIMcheck is unfortunately only available in German. We would like to sell the BIMcheck in other countries through partners. In German-speaking countries, we are also looking for distribution partners. The BIMcheck can also be ordered directly from us. Our website is currently also available in German only.


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