What requirements you need to go into BIM?


I’m often asked, what conditions must be met by an undertaking or a person to go into BIM. We asked the question, when we have defined the evaluation criteria for our BIMcheck. The BIMcheck and BIMrating have the determination of the status quo and as a definition of BIMrating only begin if the basic conditions are met.

CAD software with IFC interface

The Building Information Modeling assumes that you can create three-dimensional building and object-oriented. Your software must be able to provide all the necessary components such as walls, doors, windows, ceilings, … as a three-dimensional components. This condition is not met by the classic two-dimensional CAD programs. So please replace these programs first.

If you need to replace your software, please make sure that your new software has a current IFC interface for the object-oriented data exchange. Please also make sure that your new software also controls the latest IFC format. Check with the manufacturer to see if the interface is continually adapted and renewed. The IFC data exchange is not required immediately, but in projects it is very important.


Dominate your CAD software? Without the ability to construct a three-dimensional, do not fulfill the conditions for entry into BIM! It is not enough to pass the training. You must have the will in three dimensions to create any structure in their daily business and to make changes in three dimensions. For this you need time. And above all, you need to take the time.

In Germany, we often hear the argument that BIM is not covered by the HOAI and that there are no laws and regulations that prescribe the use of BIM. Before there’s nothing there, you do not start with BIM also. Do not underestimate the time for your education or training your employees!

Personal attitude

What attitude should you have? Make BIM, because you have to do it or because you are convinced? The one who has the feeling of having to make BIM is just always invest a minimum of time or money to join to. The higher the degree of perfection, the more efficient can make and implement BIM projects. You create but only if you approach the issue BIM positive. However, the necessary motivation should come from yourself. For the learning processes you need perseverance. Do not come on, if you have the feeling that they have to do it constantly.

Once you have a suitable CAD software selected with a well manicured IFC interface, attended adequate training and have gained practical construction experience, you are ready to get started in BIM and your first BIM projects. Then we can perform the first BIMcheck with you and set your BIMrating.

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