What are the benefits BIM guidelines, BIM standardizations, BIM specifications, BIM BIM standards or BIM certifications?


What are the benefits BIM guidelines, BIM standardizations, BIM specifications, BIM BIM standards or BIM certifications? Bring us advance or hinder us only? Are we perfect when we observe all things and meet all criteria? Who will benefit in the future and who is not?

  • A directive requires us before, to how we act or perform something. A policy is not a law. A directive is binding but, once they recognize everyone involved.
  • A standard then becomes a standard when we make things or services over and over again in the same manner or to perform and our approach has been proven.
  • A standardization is the formulation and publication of the application of rules, guidelines or characteristics by a recognized organization and their recognized representatives.
  • A specification is the description of services or products through the list of requirements.
  • With certification, we demonstrate that we meet the requirements listed.

In our technologically driven world, we need certainly guidelines, standards, standardizations, specifications and certifications. With their help, companies can outward signal that they formally adhere to agreed technical things. If someone an entrepreneur, the question arises: „Adhere to the applicable regulations, standards, standardizations, specifications and certifications“, the question can only be answered with a „Yes“ or „No“. The „Yes“ or „No“ in a BIM project make the difference as to whether the company will participate or not.

In all technical areas, we are used to accept regulations to be able to join. We are also on the road to BIM. BIM helps to avoid planning errors, to reduce construction costs, to make projects more transparent, minimize the number of still emerging defects that projects to be documented more efficiently, facilitating the transition to the CAFM and much more.

With all the benefits we have not still managed to take the broad masses of the middle class. Since no help BIM guidelines, BIM standards, BIM standardizations, BIM specification or BIM certifications. Develop all areas of the industry and produce products using three-dimensional CAD software. As still like one or the other brace against it, but stop is no longer BIM! The digitization is progressing with powerful steps and for one or other secondary issue, we need a complete three-dimensional digital planning.

BIM is changing the cooperation of the people sustainably. Humans do not like changes. Unfortunately, changes also mean that you are forced to learn new things. The guidelines, standards, standardizations, specifications and certifications will contribute to the changes. But unfortunately, just as forced and not as motivation Our BIMcheck we show you ways on how you can do it, to accept the changes positively.

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