Is a BIM-certification useful?


It’s a little premature in Germany, to worry about the issue BIM-certification. In the first Stepp we actually want that BIM principle is used. Nevertheless, we already should think about it, so one possible BIM-certification in the right direction is steered.

Quote Wikipedia: The certification (. From the Latin „certe“ = determined, certainly, safe and „facere“ = make, create, manufacture) refers to a method by which compliance with specific requirements shall be demonstrated.

A certification can therefore always take only a statement as to whether you meet the requirements or not, or if you skip the bar or not do it.

What criteria may include a BIM-certification?

Let’s start with this question. All who have been intensively involved with BIM are, have you ever thought about. Currently we can identify four areas: IT infrastructure, people, projects and standards / guidelines.

Setting a specific IT infrastructure is feasible, but not realistic in our eyes. Once all the companies involved in a project with an equivalent hardware, it is relatively large as, for example, an upload or download is. That projects with an optimal IT infrastructure can be handled better, there is no question, however, is also continuous investments of the companies involved in the IT infrastructure ahead. The IT infrastructure for the subject of a certification making presupposes that the test criteria are updated continuously and that the certificate is valid only up to one year. What impact it has for the entrepreneur? What if his certificate is three years old? Therefore he gets no more orders? As long as the company delivers good services, an older certificate will have no effect.

The situation is similar with the review of human knowledge. Setting up a BIM-tests for individuals may help this company to choose when selecting staff for a particular candidate. A permanent participation in training or participating in a BIM-test is no guarantee that the people working together professionally in projects.

Projects to be certified thoroughly. In order to prove that they have been able to comply with certain criteria in a project. How well do you really were, you will not be able to find out. However, it is a signal to a potential client that you can BIM. How good are you but permanently, you can only provide proof if you certify each project. Please keep in mind that you always plan the budget for it. Because one is nothing! Critical to your business will be, however, as the test criteria are composed. To use a certification only as a future advertising message will be too expensive. A BIM certification must promote content and strategy further your business. These statements you will not get a certification.

Certification to a BIM Directive or BIM standards is feasible. As an entrepreneur, you are compelled anyway to comply with official guidelines and standards.

What requirements we have for a BIM-certification?

We currently have no specific conditions in Germany to set up or carry out a BIM certification. We can only worry about it in a blog or write an article about.

Who should make a BIM-certification?

Similar to the criteria we can here also list the stakeholders: software vendors, hardware vendors, providers, suppliers, planners, contractors, building owners and investors. Solely the software manufacturers have been an ISO certification. It refers to the IFC interface. The criteria have been established. But we have all been able to make a finding that, despite the certification the actual data quality is not always as we expect. But it is very positive that there is the cutting plate! For builders and investors, we need to be for their willingness to implement each new project using BIM once. That is the crucial target group – but not necessarily for a certification. The hardware suppliers and providers provide good products. Only one or the other company has the problem, nor to have no fast Internet access. Basically, however, fits any BIM certification for hardware suppliers and providers. What remains are the planners and construction companies as target groups for a BIM-certification.

Who is allowed to create a BIM-certification?

In Germany there is the official certification companies such as TÜV, Dekra or DQS. Please know even bother and look at each other, which certification products hold the company. As there fits a BIM certification in their portfolio into it? Currently not at all. For all issues that affect the digitization, the major certification companies do very hard. We tried to find there in the summer of contacts in the business. Sorry, we have not found it.

Wherever it comes to IT, there are also certifications. In Germany, for example, is the GEFMA certification a term when it comes to the subject from the field CAFM. The GEFMA is an association. The GEFMA situated to different topics CAFM own criteria and lists the certification therefore GEFMA-certification and not CAFM-certification. Analogous to GEFMA could bring out buildingSMART a buildingSMART-certification about BIM. The criteria would then be set up and controlled by the members.

Who is allowed to perform a BIM-certification?

Before we set up a general BIM-certification, first has to be clarified who is allowed to make, anyway. This then results in also, who can then carry this certification. A general BIM-certification is also a common CAFM-certification included. If clubs and their members to bring out their own certificates, then it’s okay. A GEFMA-certificate and a buildingSMART-certificate are meaningful. The members put together the criteria and a commission of members performs the certification. While it lacks a little independence of examination, but it is in the cases, does not permit otherwise.

Is a BIM certification useful?

In any case, it makes sense to deal with the theme of BIM-certification. But we have to deal simultaneously with the recoverability of an official BIM-certification. A certificate is useful when the test is carried out by an independent organization or by an independent board staffed. Should ask me if I would have an interest to be part of such an independent board with someone, then I would like to join.


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