Here we go with BIM in Germany – but what comes next?

In the last year I have dealt in my posts intensively with the topic BIM. On 12/16/2015 has fallen on the BMVI Congress in Berlin in Germany, the official BIM-opener. Now there is no stopping them. I’ll go with the other events constructively with one or another critical contribution.

How CAFM will develop?

The theme CAFM I lost a little bit out of focus. Now, it is to ask at the time there wondering how the developers, investors and building users want to respond in the future to the BIM data. The third dimension and the advantage of the third dimension will come, although so far only a few have wanted this data. The range of BIM data will increase and the demand for it. How are the CAFM software manufacturers respond?

How does 3D printing or 3D production will develop?

3D printing has arrived in some areas of the manufacturing industry. In China at a trade show, a 3D printer in 2014 has already been presented with a space of 12 x 12 x 12 m. The prerequisite for 3D printing are constructed three-dimensional models. These models are emerging as part of a BIM process. If the desire arises to print buildings or parts thereof, the hardware manufacturers will also ensure that appropriate products are developed.

How AR will develop?

The recent Augmented Reality applications were used in the focus on the presentation of additional information. There are some examples in which a smart phone, a tablet or Google Glass to be used. One or two of you may have indeed a motor vehicle with a head-up display. Then you get a variety of information is displayed directly on the windshield. In the field of technology, for example in the maintenance and servicing, there are already applications. But to combine the reality and the additional three-dimensional virtual information together, the software must be able to recognize the real estate and also to interpret it. Especially in these area the large software companies currently developing new solutions. However, a prerequisite for a variety of applications of AR is a consistent three-dimensional structure. With the use of BIM good conditions for the use of AR to be created.

The launch of BIM has fallen. CAFM, 3D printing and AR will find their place in the BIM process. I’ll report it.


3 Kommentare zu „Here we go with BIM in Germany – but what comes next?

  1. Everyone crawls before they walk and this should be the „norm“ with BIM adoption. Even if BIM only starts with 3D geometry it is a start and an achievable one with minimal downtime therefore cost to industry. Communicating outside of the traditional 2D paper based geometry is a big step forward for everyone involved through out design and construction. Singapore and China have adopted the 3D (geometry only) model and call it BIM no doubt the future will see architects, drafts people and builders attributing relevant information to their models as they see the benefits of doing so. I have been using 3D models in construction for the last 8 years, it is the best way to communicate with clients, contractors and authorities. I especially like to add in information on manufacturers products that are being specified as it takes the ambiguity out of adding cost information. I also believe that BIM should also be heavily used in the residential industry ad the mums and dads of the world are less likely to accurately understand the rudimentary 2D drawing and therefore can have more input into one of their largest investments of their life.
    I do however believe that Virtual Design and Construction ( VDC) is the answer to the majority of cost over runs and onsite errors and should be one of the primary objectives when implementing BIM.
    You may like to see Plusspec for Sketchup, this addition to Sketchup has the power and potential to drastically increase the uptake of BIM whilst reducing the complexity of 3D model creation and manufacturer specification globally.
    I wish you all the best in Germany, I will be following your efforts closely.
    Have a prosperous journey.
    Kind regards Andrew Dwight RubySketch/ PlusSpec.

  2. Is BIM in Germany the same as BIM in the UK?. BIM in China is only about 3D geometry and visualisation I understand. I would be grateful for any confirmation on what is being proposed.

    1. There is a technical, a patriotic or a political answer.
      Technically: Germany is a technology affine country. We know that other countries have started earlier with BIM. We have to catch up in a single step, catch and perhaps surpass.
      Patriotic: Germany is one of the market leaders in many technological areas in the world. Then why not also with BIM.
      Politically: Worldwide ISO Standards, in Europe the CEN standards and in Germany the DIN standards. At European level, we must and want to agree with all Member States. In global competition, we need high standards. Of this we still need to convince one or the other country, although some countries have worked over a long period with BIM.

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