BIM – new job profiles?

One thing I want to say at this point in advance. My featured 18 job descriptions do not claim to be exhaustive and are not necessarily set in the naming. The launch of BIM is officially like the end of last year with us in Germany and many companies are now looking for employees who have already mastered BIM. If you now read through some open positions, then you have to sometimes smile inevitably. The BIM-all-inclusive staff there will be no or only very few exceptions. This confirmed the rule known.

The larger a company is, the greater the likelihood that there all job descriptions are used. In small companies, the different job descriptions are often perceived by a person in a personal union. By adopting BIM, existing job descriptions are changing, new professions are emerging, as well as job descriptions omitted. In my remarks I will not go into the combination or interaction with existing job descriptions.

I have not even thought all chosen names by myself. About the discussion in the social networks I have received suggestions from Europe and further away. If you have a different opinion, then please send me your proposal. I will then change or add to my blog post accordingly. (You are the lector and I am the author.)


The BIM-Director is responsible for the construction and development of BIM processes and all necessary for BIM infrastructural things in a company. He keeps in contact with the BIM directors of other companies, of the partner companies and of the product supplier.


The BIM-Manager is responsible for building, the management, the development and the success of one or more BIM project teams. He supervises and is responsible for compliance with the agreed BIM processes. He’s BIM Director the report directly.


The BIM-Information-Manager is responsible for the virtual data center of BIM projects of the company and for the functioning of the communication channels of all involved in the team. This also includes the integration of external team members. He’s BIM Director the report directly.


The BIM-Designer is an architect or engineer, who is responsible for a particular field of study for the creation of three-dimensional structures in the project team and will implement it. The team may consist of internal and external employees. Depending on the size of the project, a department are also covered by several employees. This can then be an architectural draftsman or technical draftsmen. The BIM-Designer is subordinated to the BIM-Manager. The BIM-Designer can be involved in several teams.


The BIM-Coordinator is responsible for monitoring and correctness of the BIM project data. He controls the data, arranges corrections and monitors their execution. He is also responsible for an error-free data exchange and an intact communication structure of a project. He reports to the BIM Manager and works closely with the team and the BIM Information Manager together.

BIM- Librarian

The BIM-Librarian is responsible for providing the three-dimensional BIM objects and the expansion and maintenance of the BIM object libraries of the company. He calls for to appropriate digital objects with suppliers and works closely with the BIM-Managers and BIM-Designers together. He reports directly to BIM-Director.


The BIM-Quality-Manager is responsible for compliance and monitoring of corporate and official BIM standards and BIM processes. Each project is analyzed after completion and discussed with the project team. He’s BIM-Director to report directly and submit BIM-Director the proposals for the improvement and development of existing BIM standards and BIM processes.


The BIM-Investor-Manager working on the side of the contracting authority. On the part of the contracting authority is responsible for the proper provision of all necessary data for a project. The BIM-Investor-Manager intended to reduce and prevent the number of requests for changes in the planning phase of a project sustainable. Together with the legal department of the client he is responsible for the contract.


The supply industry does not only produce real products but also the digital objects that are used as model for use in building information modeling. The BIM-Industry-Manager maintains contact with investors, designers and software developers. The supply industry generally uses for planning and construction of other three-dimensional CAD software products. He also keeps the contact with these software vendors to improve their interfaces to BIM.


Once it is established that contractors handles the creation of the building or structure, the BIM-Construction-Manager will be integrated by the BIM-Manager into the project. The sooner it happens, the better it is. The BIM-Construction-Manager checks during the transfer of digital BIM planning package that all information is completely available. After completion of the building or the building of BIM-Construction-Manager is responsible for the complete and updated documentation.


The BIM-Building-Maintenance manager is an employee of the client, the building owner or the building operator. It makes sense that it is incorporated by the BIM-Manager already during the planning in the project. Checking whether all the information necessary for the operation and maintenance of the building were digitally recorded and taken into account. During the construction phase he is in contact to BIM-Construction-Manager and verifies that all were completed for him relevant digital information during construction. After completion, it checks the documentation for completeness and correctness. During operation, it ensures that the digital construction or building data is continuously maintained and updated. If you want to the construction or buildings sold, converted, renovated or demolished and disposed of, it passes the current digital information to the then competent BIM-Manager.


The BIM-Demolition-and-Disposing-Manager assumes the construction or building complete and updated digital documentation. Each component must be recycled in accordance with current regulations or for final disposal. The documentation of the building or structure is updated accordingly.


The BIM-Consultant is usually an external consultant who is hired for the initial establishment of a BIM structure in a company. After the initial setup, he made proposals to improve the set up BIM structures of a company in the further course. An internal BIM-Consultant can help new external members of a BIM project team during the initial setup and development of BIM structures in the external partners. An internal BIM-Consultant is BIM Director to report directly to and work closely with the BIM -Manager together in a project.


The BIM-Product-Manager develops new BIM software solutions. It is the interface between a software company and their existing customers and new customers.


The BIM-Software-Developer developed BIM software in a software company or maintains BIM software products. The BIM-Software-Developer in a client company, adapts existing BIM software products to the individual needs of his company. He’s BIM-Director to report directly and maintains contact with the BIM-Product-Manager of the software company.


The BIM-Trainer informed user in the handling of different software products and the introduction of BIM processes in companies.


The BIM-Professor evolving BIM training of students and ensures the interdisciplinary integration of BIM topics in student education. In addition, new research fields such as the integration of CAFM or AR, or the construction ethics.


The BIM-Assistant-Professor teaches students in interdisciplinary courses at universities, colleges and technical Colleges.

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