My article „BIM – new job professions?“ – Epilogue

Dear readers

In advance I would like to thank all those who have read my article in the last week. I was not sure if it made sense to publish it. The positive response has me more than surprised. I was pleased also about the many contact requests. The execution of the put to me questions will still take a long time. I ask everyone to be patient.

When I wrote an article for a German magazine at the end of December about BIM training in Germany, I have occupied myself in parallel with the possible professions. Whether it will actually give all, I dare to doubt a little. All speak of a culture change in the construction industry. Change means change in processes and in the activities. There are new roles and these roles need to be adopted. Perhaps people do it easier if you representing this cultural change with job descriptions and support.

Example: you are an architect in a large company. What role do you want to take later. Are you in a project the BIM-Manager or the BIM-Designer? If you are the one who manages projects, then you possibly could also be a BIM-Manager. You do not have to, but in a project someone must assume the role and responsibilities of the job description of the BIM Manager. If you do it, then you are the project manager and the BIM manager of the project. For each job description to tasks and responsibilities that you assume arise. This deliberate spreading and taking over roles and responsibilities will be easier for people to cultural change.

Due to the great feedback I am still in the consideration phase to describe the individual job profiles and their complex interaction in more detail. I was still not able to bring myself to a decision until today.

Two job descriptions are me just occurred:


There are some colleagues who write extensively about BIM. This – myself included – I would assign the job description BIM-Author.


As BIM Mediator you may get involved me if necessary. (At this point I add a 😉.)

Best regards

Ulf-Günter Krause


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