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BIM in education or the impact of the German BIM-phased plan for BIM training in Germany

On 12.15.2015 Mr. Alexander Dobrindt introduced the graduated plan Digital Design and Construction of the Federal Ministry of Transport and digital infrastructure on the BMVI BIM Congress in Berlin. „Germany is in many technological areas one of the leading nations in the world market. Why should Germany not play a leading role with BIM also? „Germany wants to lead by example. The stage 1 with the BIM performance level 1 is implemented by mid-2017th For stage 2 a numerous other BIM pilot projects and the German contracting for construction projects are completely customized based on the BIM performance levels. From 2020 to the start of Stage 3 BIM is used and fully utilized.

As a longtime supporter of BIN me excited this phased plan, the rapid implementation and unanimity in the construction industry. We are German but otherwise in many areas to the skeptics. Why no concerns are raised here? Is it because that Germany currently world loses out when BIM topic? Or is it that we are forced by other states in Europe to finally become active and to take a stand. But anyway, we do with and it is a good thing.

What are the consequences of the phased plan for Germany?

In principle, the phased plan has no consequences for the construction industry in Germany. Only if the state building and infrastructure projects financed or co-financed, all parties must participate in the design, construction and maintaining on the basis of BIM in the projects. Germany wants all investors and all companies join this approach.

Germany is investing heavily in the coming years in buildings and infrastructures. A well-organized BIM is an excellent means for the successful management of projects. If the major investor Germany prescribes the use of BIM for its projects, which is perfectly fine. If other investors BIM not want to prescribe for their projects, then that is also perfectly fine. No one is forced to save money.

What framework for BIM training there?

The performance level 1 has been already defined in a large consensus of professionals from all areas. Based on the BIM performance level 1 BIM projects can be successfully implemented already. Three areas are described: (1) The data management and data exchange, (2) the BIM processes and (3) the award, the contract design and the quality and competence of employees. By mid-2017 all BIM guidelines and BIM standards will be completed. They are created by consensus to the already existing ISO standards. Under the umbrella of the VDI guidelines for the standardization of training will also be developed.

The BIM-ISO standards are already continuously expanded and changed. Some European countries have their own BIM standards. In the EU, all Member States have undertaken to make the CEN standards are introduced in their own norms with. ISO stands above CEN, CEN is about DIN. DIN represents us at CEN. Germany does not belong in BIM a technology leader and has to hurry.

The German BIM guidelines are elaborated by the VDI. Based on VDI BIM guidelines testing and certification can take place. Valuable certificates can arise only if the tests are carried out by independent bodies. All companies and employees in the construction industry have to deal continuously through training intensively with BIM to acquire and develop the necessary knowledge. With a one-time certification is not enough.

Which software products should be used?

Germany relies on Open BIM, ie to open standards and vendor-neutral data formats. In Germany, nearly 40 CAD products available that meet these open standards using IFC interfaces. IFC is continuously in the revision and adaptation. Your software manufacturer, your system vendor or the German chapter of Building Smart happy to assist you.

Each planning begins with a design that is created with the help of CAD software. Our CAD software vendors would see it best that based on their CAD formats the entire planning process and the graphical documentation of a project to be implemented. We then speak of closed-BIM. Open BIM requires a timely, consistent and correct implementation of an IFC interface. You should look for when buying a software to this certification and can confirm that the IFC interface is always brought consistent and timely manner to date. Trust is good, control is better.

Which basic knowledge need architects, planners, and their draftsmen introduction to the topic BIM?

All have to prepare their ideas and constructions completely three-dimensional. Simple basic skills are not enough! All objects must be designed factually correct. Two-dimensional maps are derived exclusively from the three-dimensional structures. These design skills have nothing to do with BIM! For stage 1 each must master the three-dimensional construction by the end of 2016th In the formation of the software vendors and systems integrators are asked massively in the first place.

Also various BIM consultants have had very good experiences with specific software solutions and pass on their knowledge to their customers in the form of Best Practice on. For a quick introduction to BIM, it is sufficient. In the long run all require a thorough and neutral taught knowledge. For the development of BIM, companies and authorities must make self-sufficient.

What is special about BIM?

BIM is a collaborative, multi-company and team-oriented approach. Using a BIM execution plan workflows, interfaces, roles and interactions are determined. The use of BIM is by all persons involved in the project a high degree of BIM skills advance. This applies not only in the technical implementation of BIM projects, but also for the contracting and procurement procedures in the context of projects. BIM has been successfully implemented in some major German pilot projects of the state and the private sector. Each project participants then speaks of a cultural change in the cooperation. All personnel involved with the BIM projects must realize that only the cooperation and considerate of a BIM project leads to success. This contradicts the previously usual and actual practice. Elbows are welcome to be used for the benefit of the team.

A cultural change is taking place not overnight and not on command. We need to inspire and bring all stakeholders of BIM. We have to pick up all the places where they are currently in their profession or in their training. It is positive that Germany wants to lead by example. We need a lot of good examples. There will also be an accident examples. We need the company and its employees help to overcome these situations and to learn from the mistakes. Only if we assume all BIM positive, we create the cultural change. Then we Germans will take on a leading-edge BIM’s role in Europe with security.

Where can I learn BIM?

Germany will in the years to come have an enormous demand for BIM experts. All educational institutions must ensure that the decision-makers, experts, specialists, students and trainees get a holistic overview and insight into the matter. Everywhere decisions for the introduction and use of BIM to be taken. Learning by doing or best practice is not sufficient! BIM is too comprehensive.

We can not wait until our students, which now for the first time BIM is entering the curriculum, have completed their studies. The main responsibility in adult education. Every employee in the construction industry and in the authorities is called upon to make a personal contribution, for example in the context of long-distance training. Remote training are the most flexible form of learning. Consider BIM as your personal challenge and as an opportunity to enhance your work force and improve!

And what comes after the introduction of BIM?

The introduction of BIM is a separate process. From completed successful or unsuccessful BIM projects can always learn something. For improving their own quality, it is important to incorporate the experience into new projects. All other factors, such as the distribution of roles within the team, team communication, hardware, software, digital communication, the knowledge of the employees, the attitude of the staff and the setting of decision-makers, managers and entrepreneurs must continuously in companies‘ own interests to be checked and improved. Officially we have until mid-2017 reached the level 1 of performance. Currently there are more levels of performance not yet talking. But the 1 indicates that there will be a level 2, a level 3, and more levels.

We can gladly make do with the information currently required and certified power level = minimum. If it makes us happy and successful, it’s okay. But, who wants to be satisfied with a minimum. BIM is not fun when you have to make sure always to achieve a minimum. You should prefer to make BIM to a fun factor in your company. Everyone will benefit!

Note: The abbreviated version was published with the headline „BIM-Ausbildung – jetzt beginnen“ on 02/17/2016 in AUTOCAD & Inventor magazine 1/2016. The final paragraph I have added to my blog.


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