BIM Service Network

Dear readers,

Thanks for the great interest in my last two articles. They were up to now more than 3000 reads. I’ve been very happy about it.

Currently I am working on something new, namely the BIM Service Network. I plan with some colleagues once the launch in Germany. we want to generate and process orders together using our BIM Service Network. How we do that and what offers will be available to planners and other companies from the construction industry, I will discuss that. All decisions within the BIM Service Network we want to make together. A ambitious goal, a high standard, an attempt to create something new. Without a beginning, there can be no success!

If you have the desire to learn again about a particular topic a little more, you like to send me a message. I’ll try to include it in my blog and to write a successful article about it.

Best regards

Ulf-Günter Krause


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