With BIM on pole position!

The Federal Ministry of Transport and Infratucture has the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030 presented on 03.16.2015 for Germany.

The new Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan is the strongest program of investment in the infrastructure that ever. By 2030, Germany invested 264.5 billion euros to modernize the transport infrastructure to network infrastructure and accelerate mobility in Germany. With the record means the BVWP has 2030 clear financing perspective. It will set clear priorities. 70 percent of the funding goes to the sustainment.

In December last year the BMVI had also announced that all infrastructure projects to be carried out from 2020 exclusively using the planning method BIM.

BIM takes in Germany gradually to drive. I see it also. Demands with me on the subject BIM are also increasing continuously. The German middle class is slowly growing. The associations are also slowly moving. Unfortunately, we still have a slight North-South divide. The South is, as always, a little further than the north. By 2020, it is no longer a long way off. The introduction of BIM or digitization in the construction industry requires that all persons involved in the planning processes can construct three-dimensional. Lines on the paper are out. Three-dimensional digital components on the screen are in.

So far, only the federal government has made a clear commitment to BIM. but Digital Planning and Construction, the BMVI cannot do alone. The BIM-projects are implemented in the federal states. The old dusty and yellowed paper plans in the archives are outdated. Now we look forward to the comments from the federal states. When there come the first public confessions on the subject BIM?

The federal government plans to invest a very large sum to 2030th This sum can the federal government but not the same issue completely in the first year. Each state is naturally interested in that its projects are first implemented. Since I can only say at this point: With BIM on pole position!


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