Can you protect your technological expertise in BIM projects?

In the last week I once again received a request of a company that is specialized planners in a very special environment, and has a very special knowledge. The company and its value is based on the basis of this knowledge. The company wants to protect his knowledge. Customers and investors expect but that the company handles the planning projects in the future with the BIM methodology.

If companies jointly plan BIM projects, then they make their services to all the others in the project transparent. Just transparency and trustful cooperation makes indeed that the projects can be successfully implemented within the timeframe and budget. Before the plans are implemented real at the building site, every detail is completely digitally converted. Each part gets its digital space throughout the model. Each component has its dimensions and any component may overlap with other components. Every technical component has different connection points for various media. The electrician should already know which particular machine it is and what connected load, the machine has. The cables must be designed accordingly.

With transparency, the risk of cost increases decreases. With the transparency but also increases the risk that technical details will be released, which would prefer to protect one or the other as its capital.

The special technical planner is usually not the one who invents and manufactures components. He is the one who puts together accordingly in a project, the various components and objects and specifies the location in a building. This expertise his strength. If now the architect also has access to the individual components and the customer and investor for the maintenance and building maintenance gets a complete digital documentation later, then a specialist is never safe from these objects in the next similar design from his client or architetect is reused.

The only question is whether the copying of knowledge replaces the original knowledge itself. The knowledge of specific technologies have specialists worked out over a long period. They have learned in their environment to continually develop and improve their knowledge continuously. Constantly there are new devices and new equipment. It may well be that the specialist reused in the next similar project newer and more modern components. This really is the true value of specialists. It may also be that the „copier“, despite the successful copy, not successful in the implementation.

Nevertheless, it is feasible to a certain degree, to protect your knowledge in a BIM project. It is associated with a certain effort. And the effort will cost. My advice is part of it. The best protection for the knowledge is but a constant renewal and improvement of your own knowledge.

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