The first BIM certification in Germany – quick shot or sustainable?

In recent days, a first BIM training was certified in Germany. Certificates have actually always something good. Participants will receive a certificate after successful completion of a course. This certificate they intended to from the amount of people to highlight. Certificates are special. Certificates are recoverable. Certificates are meaningful.

Those who follow my articles for more than two years, knows that after this introduction now is „but“ follow and also that I have the protagonists – whether software manufacturer or other companies – not to mention by name, but things paraphrase so that you can read it between the lines. I have already written an article on the topic of BIM certification last year. Now I can substantiate my former content and concerns.

What foundations for BIM certification in Germany there?

Whenever it comes to technical issues and compliance with these situations, makes the VDI in Germany a central role. The VDI is the largest technical and scientific association in Germany. As spokesperson for the engineers and the technology of the future with VDI designed active. Many volunteer experts edit each year the latest findings to promote our technology site. The VDI is the third largest legislators and partner for the German economy and science. The VDI is recognized. Currently developed the VDI just the BIM guidelines for Germany. They are all summarized in the VDI directive 2552. The VDI BIM guidelines will be the measure of all things about BIM in Germany in the future. „Will“ is correctly formulated at this point, because the BIM guidelines are still in progress. I hope that all working groups are finished working by the end of 2016 and the first official BIM guidelines for Germany are published. But I fear that the guidelines are only finished in 2017th

Can it also be without the VDI BIM BIM guidelines certifications?

This question raises further questions. Who has created the criteria and guidelines for certification? Which criteria and guidelines are in detail? Who carried out the certification? Who ultimately authorizes the certifier to may carry out the certification?

Take, for example, once a widely used CAD software. If the manufacturer it wants, he may establish criteria for certification. It can ensure that its partners follow a precise quality or that users will be able to perform certain constructions. If it is a widely available software, this approach makes sense and the value of a certificate is present. These certifications can be found at some large software vendors. I have already been involved in various capacities in the past.

We need for a BIM certification a general policy basis?

BIM is not software, but a digital culture change in the construction industry. For this cultural change, we need a broad consensus in society. If there are BIM-certificates, shall be based on a broad consensus in our society. A broad consensus can be made in this case in Germany only on the basis of VDI guidelines.

When I create a certificate as a manufacturer of a software, I would like that it is recoverable and remains. BIM is a cultural change and no software. For the cultural change we are responsible as a society. We have it all together in our hand, whether a BIM Certificate from the outset is valuable and it is recoverable

What do you think of BIM certifications that have no universal basis?

I do not mean to single groups or groups that you want to do or bring something negative here. BIM or the digital transformation in the construction industry now needs many helping hands. Sometimes it may also be that some well-intentioned been reversed in the opposite.

In one of my articles I have asked to ensure that all employees in the construction industry need to improve their skills. Everyone has to deal with the issue of BIM. The faster the better. For this we need many initiatives, whether they come from the software manufacturer, the company or the educational institutions.

In other countries, the deal have been using BIM, we have seen already like. Eventually, it came to an inflationary BIM certification. Each university in cooperation with or without industrial companies has launched a BIM training with an individual certificate to life. I was hoping that we will be spared in Germany this. Now it is done. A university has provided a BIM training to bounce in cooperation with an industrial company. This is actually very positive! The negative connotation arises but the fact that the University emphasizes this training with a BIM certificate.

What value has a BIM certificate that is not based on generally accepted and recognized guidelines?

Five people meet for a first meeting to a BIM project. The parties do not know each other. Each has brought his BIM certificate, that he has acquired in one of the many vendors in order to document that he has mastered BIM. Although all speak of BIM, they need to determine once where everyone is. Had all allowances equal Directive origin, the beginning of the project would be a little more efficient and would run more smoothly. The question of intrinsic value has answered so by itself.

Actually, I would be glad that Germany is on the way to develop in this direction. Last year I created together with other specialists in the world, a product called BIMcheck. By BIMcheck companies can determine which setting have she and her staff for BIM. The many well-intentioned snapshots of individual BIM certifications provide unfortunately no general comparability and positioning, but we urgently need to advance the digitization of construction in Germany sustainable.


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