Do you know the potholes in the BIM streets? A pothole is fixed!

Maybe you have my article from the 11 July 2015 still in memory. We want all processes from the idea through to the use of a building or structure with the help of BIM digital support. In my article, I found that there are currently some potholes in the digital streets, because not all operations can be supported by software. Well, it looks that it is managed for a software manufacturer to eliminate a very large pothole. In this article, I describe this pothole and the gap in the digital chain.

BIM is a much more complex process that consists of many individual processes. I have presented once deliberately simplified this process so that I can easily describe the pothole. There are four rough phases from the initial idea up to the use of buildings and structures: 1 identification phase, planning phase 2, construction phase 3 and 4 use phase. The ideal case is shown in the following image. Only when a phase is complete, the next phase begins. There are no overlapping of phases due to the continuous digital collaboration BIM.


The construction phase and the phase of use of buildings are already intensively with the help of software support. At least, there are some existing products in Germany. But there is so far only CAD products, which are used in the first two phases. Managing in these two phases is represented mainly by using the Microsoft standards.

How do most companies in reality but today? Why we ever get the idea to introduce processes BIM? The following figure is equivalent to the usually lived reality of today. The phases overlap, often greatly, since it lacks a consistent digital control and transparency. Often, changes from the identification phase to the construction phase be brought in with. The construction has already begun and important details have not yet been scheduled. They create unnecessary errors, which are brought in with as defects in the use phase. Often, you can never completely eliminate such serious defects.


Today are already used in many areas of software products. But if BIM does not use comes, then even the best can change 3D building models and visualizations anything.

All those who today already BIM use, will not succeed despite the best efforts to implement all four phases so consistently. In the following illustration, you will see how to work who live in reality.

The finding – and planning phases will overlap. The architect presents a first digital model on the basis of the talks to the client. The client has additional requirements despite all good preparatory work. The architect will then incorporate them. During this time are tasks that must be done consistently and controlled. The stated goal of all involved is that the construction phase only starts when the planning phase is completed.

It is also with the use of BIM type construction defects. Where people work hand, mistakes are made. But with the use of BIM all construction defects are documented clean, so that they can be handled without interruption in the use phase. But significantly, the number of deficiencies will decline.


Have you tried for example in project management, consistently to make the identification phase and the planning phase with tools such as MS Project to the example? A consistent and seamless coordination will not succeed. MS Project is a good software. I have often used them in the past in time-related projects for visualization of dependent processes and time periods. BIM projects can be solved just at this point (red ellipse) not with CPM (critical path methods).

A month ago, a software developer has contacted me. He had read my article last year, and developed a product. I’ve seen the product and am thrilled. With the software one of the biggest potholes in the BIM streets is eliminated!

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