BIM – new job profiles? (Continuation)

Today, there is a sequel to my article „BIM – new job profiles?“. With this article I wanted to show the versatility of the tasks for the company in the future, the implementation of BIM on the company and the employees come to. The tasks do not necessarily also to new professions, but the tasks must be carried out by employees. In this article, I’ve focused on three job titles that meet me again and again in many publications: the BIM Manager, the BIM Designer and the BIM Coordinator.

In this article I’ll also on the digital tools. Sometimes I call product names, especially when there are not so many tools for the respective phase. In some areas, we have many tools. Since it makes no sense to use the name, but then I go up on the essential characteristics, which must have a software. Please see also my, if I mention not all products that exist for a specific application. Manufacturers who feel at a disadvantage, may like to sign with me and provide me with information about your products.


BIM Manager

There’s not the BIM Manager itself. For me, there are BIM Managers with the most diverse characteristics.

The BIM Project Manager monitors and is responsible for the compliance with the agreed BIM processes within a project. I refer once again to a graphic from my last post. I’ve added the graphics with the professions.

The complete organisation and monitoring of the evaluation phase and the planning phase is in the hands of the BIM Project Manager. Depending on the personnel constellation or even taking into account the software monitoring the construction phase can belong to his remit.

On pages of the owner/investor, the BIM Investor Manager is responsible in the evaluation phase. If the client later takes over the use phase itself, then it is useful in the evaluation phase with augmented the BIM Maintenance Manager because he has the responsibility in the use phase. If the use phase is undertaken by an external service provider and this is already defined, then there’s also a BIM Maintenance Manager, who can bring his knowledge during this time.

The BIM Industry Manager is active in the planning phase and during the construction phase. He must deliver the products that have provided the planner for the building or newly conceived. He must make the decision whether a component can be realized as desired, and then deliver the corresponding three-dimensional models.

To end of the planning phase of the BIM-Construction Manager is taken on board of the boat. No later than at the end of the planning phase, he takes over the project by the BIM Project Manager. The BIM-Construction Manager is responsible in the construction phase. In this phase, the BIM Industry Manager is active involved with.

End of the construction phase the BIM Maintenance Manager is taken on board of the boat. He is the responsible manager in the use phase.

The BIM Information Manager is responsible for the smooth digital communication in the first three phases and passes the complete digital documentation of the BIM Maintanance Manager at the end of the construction phase.

If the building is torn down and disposed of, the BIM Maintenance Manager passes the complete, continuing digital documentation of the BIM Demolition and Disposal Manager.

Digital tools of the BIM Managers in the four phases

In the decision-making and planning phase, the BIM Project Manager uses the software Lean4Team of the developer Harmony Prague LLC. He gives all the tasks to the BIM Investor Manager, the BIM Maintenance Manager, the BIM Industry Manager, the BIM Designers, the BIM Coordinator and the BIM Construction manager software. But each stakeholder can set yourself tasks. Under certain circumstances, it is useful to insert the Lean4Team continued to be active in the construction phase when it or the responsible companies for the construction do not have a suitable software.

For the construction phase, there are several products for the BIM Construction Manager. One of the first products on the market was the RIB iTWO from RIB Software AG, which could read consistently three-dimensional components and could fully organize the construction phase by using the data.

The BIM Maintanance Manager uses a CAFM software at his workplace. In this area there are many software products on the market. If you have a product in use, encourage your manufacturers to integrate three-dimensional components and an IFC interface. When you are selecting a system, you take a software which is already able to integrate three dimensional data via the IFC interface.


BIM Designer

The BIM Designer is an architect or engineer, who is responsible for a particular department in the project team. The team may consist of internal and external employees. Depending on the size of the project, a department can be covered by more than one employee. This can be draftsmen oder technical draftsmen. The BIM Designer is the BIM Manager. The BIM Desiganer can be involved in multiple teams.

Digital tools of the BIM Designer in the planning phase

Currently, nearly 40 CAD products are offered on the German market, which have an IFC interface. The majority of users uses products from Autodesk or Nemetschek. If you already have a CAD software in use, you motivate your manufacturer to provide components according to the IFC definitions, to integrate the IFC interface clean and regularly to revise the section controllers. IFC is not equal to IFC.


BIM Coordinator

The BIM Coordinator is responsible for the monitoring and accuracy of BIM project data. He controls the data, maps corrections and monitors their execution. He is also responsible for an error-free data exchange and a communication structure intact to a project. He is subordinate to the BIM Manager and works closely with the BIM Designer and the BIM Information Manager.

Digital tools of the BIM Coordinator in the planning phase

At this point I would like to mention three products: Solibri by Nemetschek, NavisWorks by Autodesk and BIMsight by Trimble. Only use this software products has making BIM Coordinator the chance of collision checks and detect collisions of components. Only when all collisions are detected and eliminated, the project can be passed from the planning phase to the construction phase.


The three professions BIM Manager, BIM Designer and BIM Coordinator will exist in the future or persons with the relevant responsibilities are already in BIM projects in use. For the precise definition of the profession, the bodies but will notice that there will be other professions. In my first article on the subject, I’ve mentioned more in the intention of the one or the other important task or function should be appreciated particularly.


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