Are the German HOAI and BIM in contradiction to each other?

The recast of the HOAI fee regulations for architects and engineers has been in force since 17 July 2013. Solely in the „annex 10 (to § 34 paragraph 1, § 35 paragraph 6) basic services in the service screen building and interiors, special services, lists of objects / LPH 2 planning (project and planning preparation)“ under „Achievements“ we find something about the building information modelling „3-d or 4-D building model processing (building information modeling BIM)“.

On the basis of the DIRECTRIVE 2014/24/EU (28.3.2014 Official Journal of the European Union L 94/65) has come into in Germany movement in the subject of BIM.

In December 2015 on the BMVI BIM Conference in Berlin, the BIM-reference process for Germany was then presented on the basis of the currently valid HOAI and the knowledge acquired by the time.



Less than two weeks ago, the BIMiD consortium then presented the matching BIM-reference-building process for Germany. At first glance this process plan corresponds with the previous image match.

Much has happened in the last two years. In many talks and lectures on various events, it was always about culture change in the construction industry. The culture change will accompany us in the next few years. We want but do not talk about it, but you can see it through. Culture change belongs also to think aloud about whether the BIM processes will be integrated into the existing HOAI processes or the HOAI processes in the BIM processes. The first attempt of an integration of BIM processes in the HOAI processes is now in detailed form on the table. It is a very structured integrated process. The processes are clearly defined. Does this clear structuring of reality?

The Institute CIDE Stanford University divided our three large areas that has derived from the HOAI BIMiD in four Areas.


The operations of the first two areas are consistently successively implemented in BIMiD. In my lectures I used regularly this film of at Stanford University and get signaled approval of my listeners. Because just this time is the most creative in a project. The CMP method (critical path method) I can not work unfortunately these two phases. In contrast to the HOAI I can get with BIM much better control this two time Windows. BIM allows me this period more flexible to implement. From the perspective of a lot that we should try to integrate the HOAI processes in the BIM processes speaks.

During this period, my usual software products, which I use for planning normally fail. If I would consistently perform the HOAI, I could create a plan, too, for example with Microsoft Project. But plan their plans consistently with a software? The much more vast amount of companies doesn’t make it. Try it once with a kanban board. Using a kanban board, you can plan a creative operations. At the same time, you drastically reduce the number of emails and phone calls. All project participants communicate transparently via the kanban board. You will also wonder that the number of small notes is less on your desk. You can accelerate a culture change in the construction industry by the use of suitable software. This saves time and money.

The HOAI and BIM not in contradiction to each other. You need to engage only on culture change. Interpreted as a pattern I’ve once table the „BIM-reference-building process for Germany“ as kanban. The sequence is based on the HOAI. The process logic is then but to BIM. You will not see it at first glance, but if you create the appropriate task cards and after then, you will realize the flexibility. The project manager has all activities of all team members at a glance, without having to make a single call. The Managing Directors can be equipped with Reader rights. You are also informed about everything.


The kanban board is hiding behind this unassuming image. You can get like free it from me. Simply requesting it at me.




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