We lack the courage to digitise?

On many events have show us examples, like company started with its launch in the digitization. Increased the number of encouraging examples, but a breakthrough has not been reached and it is still a long way until the digitisation has become daily business belongs, or commonplace.

In the media, summon all our politicians, offering that digitisation is indispensable in the future. The citizens hear this now already constantly for over two years. Only when it starts now?

Germany is the country of the standards, the guidelines, the regulations and the regulations. Without standards, it will not work in many areas of digitisation, also at the BIM not. BIM is a very complex and comprehensive subject. But for Germany means this once talk a lot about, discuss, rules and standards perfect down to the last detail and then first of all wait until the authority has formulated laws and the use of BIM prescribes. As long as it says wait and watch and again visit the next event, on which there is then perhaps once new arguments and examples. And above all, then ask the questions: „When is BIM?“ or „When do I work with BIM?“

At these last two questions, I must smile a little. To the question „When does BIM?“ I can only reply „If you begin.“ To the question „When do I work with BIM?“, I can only answer „no one will be forced BIM to work with. „But there and more and more construction and infrastructure projects will, where the countries, the cities, the local authorities, the companies and investors use of BIM to the condition make the participation in the projects.“

The Federal Republic of Germany has decided, from 2020 is construction and infrastructure projects by using BIM to implement a strong signal given. This is an interesting Lighthouse project, which is in the remote Berlin and lights. The Federal Government has but clearly signaled that he uses BIM for itself and will make it others. We Germans but only too happy to wait on rules and regulations. For most entrepreneurs, it is hard to imagine that they should now make a decision in their company simply and without BIM to begin regulation and emergency.

How about, when a city or a country with BIM organizes the next building or infrastructure project?

It would be almost revolutionary, if our politicians on the spot would be just once and not only constantly talk about the digitization. At first the local planners, builders and craftsmen would be startled and don’t know how to respond.

With such activities, but we would have achieved two things. First would finally the politicians virtually with our tax dollars to make digitisation forward and not just talk about it. Second, companies in the construction industry on the ground would then make small decisive step within their companies to start the digitization.

We would have achieved also a third step. BIM is a cultural change for all those who are involved in a construction or infrastructure project. We all have to assume actively and positively to this culture change. This applies to builders, investors, planners, contractors and all those who participate in the project. For most, it will be a challenge to rethink the old patterns of behavior, to change them, and also to act first and foremost.

We see the positive once. In a municipal project, none of the parties has a concrete plan, how it because with BIM or with the digitization should work. These are good conditions for all learn together and to address the cultural change. Anyway, the building is built and there are enough construction projects where money is wasted. Why not just once together should the parties then BIM begin. After the first project, everyone will want to continue.

This isn’t entirely without outside help maybe. I myself am not a BIM consultant. I advise software vendors, consultants and investors on the topics of CAFM and AR BIM. If you are among those who want to start with the digitization and talk about not only I like to help you along. We will find a suitable solution for you.


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