BIM implementation – you can do it yourself!

Can a company introduce the BIM methodology itself on its own? This question is asked me by planners, who already have experience of many projects but still no experience with BIM. I’m always a little cautious answered the question. It’s not just only to introducing a work methodology, but also to the self organization.

BIM both is: simple and complex. It is complex because there is to pay attention to many details. It is easy if you recognize the processes and understands. If you have a clear view and the complexity, then you can detect BIM on your own. But what do you need if you are not ready but it would still dare?

Definitely needs the implementation of BIM can be organised, as every project. The implementation of BIM does but not as a construction project, making for example as usual with MS Project. BIM projects need an open collaboration and transparency. BIM projects override sometimes the hierarchies in companies or rearrange them. With the continuous efforts of your elbow and with a tone of command you don’t advance the team. And please be honest to yourself at this point. You have just as much or little idea of BIM, as your staff and colleagues.

Question I’m a digital Whiteboard at it, develop with you the entry in BIM can create on your own. The digital Whiteboard offers you the opportunity to work together and transparent in the team. Together you control and monitor your common progress. Then together, you will find the right time to begin your first BIM project.

Good thing to have while! I need a little more time for the construction of the digital Whiteboard. But I think that I can introduce it from the 19.09.2016. You can log on but now for a free webinar. In German: an in English: The free webinar will take 1 hour. The number of participants is limited to 10 people for each appointment. There are several dates to choose from. (If you have no time in principle Monday, please send your appointment request me. We will find together an appointment.)

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