BIM implementation – do it yourself! Review and Preview


Thank you very much for your interest in my webinar. In September and October I did 8 webinars (5 in German and 3 in English). With such a large number of participants I had not expected.

Thank you also for the many e-mails with your questions and comments. I have been able to answer all. The questions you asked would certainly have been interesting for other participants as well. This indirect stimulus will be taken into account in a follow-up action. Then the added value for all Webinar participants is even greater. Those who have an interest, however, must be willing to give up their anonymity. If everyone pursues the same goal, this should be possible in a closed forum.

In an hour it is not easy to go into all the necessary details. I only had the chance to concentrate on the essentials. This is what you have noted in most letters. However, I could also see from the positive feedback that my basic messages have arrived.

Before the last seminar, I was asked if I would repeat the seminar again. I told everyone that I would think about it.

In the last week I found a professional partner, with whom I will organize a complete series of webinars in 2017. Within the framework of 10 webinars of 2 hours each, I will detail the topic and explain step by step the introduction of BIM. After each webinar, you can implement what you have learned. Thanks to professional support and moderation, you can ask questions during the webinar, etc.

We are currently making our preparations. Once these are completed, I will publish an article on my blog (dates, content, registration, …). I am already looking forward to exciting discussions on the topic „BIM implementation – Do it yourself!“ With you.


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