Boost your BIM productivity through Lean Construction!


What connects BIM and Lean Construction, where are the similarities and what are the differences?

A few years ago, the major CAD software developers have chosen the introduction of BIM as their main focus for their marketing activities. In the meantime, BIM is no longer reduced to the use of a CAD software. An increase in the productivity of our construction industry is urgently required. It is not enough, however, to describe the processes and the data. In the use of the data and in our work, we also have to become more productive or leaner.


BIM Building Information Modeling is a great process that accompanies the entire lifecycle of a building. The five major phases are development, planning, construction, maintenance and demolition. During the maintenance phase, there may be a rebuilding phase, which then also divides into the subphases for example development, planning, partial demolition and construction and then transfers the building back into the maintenance phase.

Lean Construction aligns all processes in the building industry with the value from the point of view of the customer. Through a basic attitude of all participants to the continuous improvement, the processes are permanently anchored. The focus is on avoiding any kind of waste in all work processes.


BIM is a methodology and describes a process how and in what form the digital data goes through all 5 phases and which roles all the persons involved have in the process.

Lean Construction describes how the people involved work together in a process and helps everyone to more productively deal with their time and all other sources.


BIM and Lean Construction both contribute to a cultural change in the construction industry. It is about concepts such as transparency, tolerance, team spirit, trust, quality and sustainability.


There are sufficient digital tools available for BIM. There are not many suppliers for Lean Construction. I have been working intensively with the digital products for the implementation of Lean Construction for over a year. Currently, the number of providers is still manageable. I have tested and observed the available products for your flexibility, data integrity and ease of use.

6 months ago I decided to buy a product. You can ask me. I will help you.


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