Successfully do-it-yourself implementation in your planning office


Important Note: Currently, the online seminars are only available in German. If the interest is very large, we also offer it in English. The costs for the 10 seminars are 990 € plus VAT.

Two months ago, I offered a webinar entitled “ BIM implementation – Do it yourself!“. It was very successful and I received a lot of positive feedback. In your e-mails you have a detailed deepening and a concretization of the criteria and contents desired.

Can a company implement the BIM methodology in its own right? This question has been asked and asked by planners who already have a lot of experience with projects but have no experience with BIM. I have always answered the question a little cautiously. It is not only about the introduction of a working methodology, but also about self-organization at the same time.

BIM is both: simple and complex. Complex is because there are many details to consider. It is easy when you recognize and understand the processes. If you have a clear view of the complexity, you can introduce BIM into self-government. But what do you need if you are not yet ready, but would you rather dare? The answer is knowledge, time and another methodology in project organization.

Together with a professional partner at my side, I will be showing you how to continually develop the necessary knowledge on a sustainable basis, and then successfully implement BIM in your planning office in self-government.

My partner: IWW Institute for Knowledge in Business. The IWW Institute has successfully organized congresses, courses and online seminars for several years within the framework of the series „Planning Office Professional“.

Step by step, we will explain the introduction of BIM in self-government in 10 two-hour online seminars. After each seminar, you have a month to collect the necessary information and actively implement things in your company and with your teams.

In the introductory seminar on 02.02.2017 we will cover the following topics:

  • The course contents and objectives at a glance
  • What BIM means for your office and your employees
  • This is how you make a „BIM inventory“ in your office
  • How you should approach the BIM introduction
  • Milestones in the BIM implementation

The introductory seminar on 02.02.2017 is free of charge. All other seminars are subject to charges. You can now register for the free introductory event at the following link: REGISTRATION Please do not hesitate too long. The number of places is limited!

Special Encore: All those who participate in the online seminars will be invited to join the German spoken XING group „Der BIM Manager im Planungsbüro“ or the English spoken Linkedin group „The BIM Manager in the Planning Office„. There you have the opportunity to ask questions after the seminars and to discuss topics with all seminar participants. Our goal is to help all seminar participants to successfully enter BIM. (The use of XING is free. Our XING group is a closed group. The use of Linkedin is free. Our Linkedin group is a closed group.)

If we can answer you in advance, we will do it. Please send me an e-mail to


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