Which digital strategy relieve your BIM Manager?

In the meantime, all those who deal with BIM should have recognized that the main organizational burden of a BIM project is on the shoulders of the BIM manager. While there is no official policy or standard that describes and defines the tasks of a BIM manager in a project, many events and publications have reported on the many-faceted tasks of the BIM managers and the details to be ultimately responsible has. You as an entrepreneur should now seriously consider the modern digital tools you want to equip your BIM managers in the age of digitization.

Your BIM consultants and IT systems have supported you with many good actions. You have made your specialist planner BIM ready. Through an additional education, they have now become good BIM designers. You have also given your CAD administrator the opportunity to develop a training to become a BIM coordinator. They have all equipped with the most advanced CAD software products and products for detecting collisions.

But what did you do for your BIM managers, the most important people in a BIM project? I hope at least that you have given your former project managers a chance to also attend a training course for the BIM manager. If you did it right, this training course was not a BIM advertising event with many beautiful project examples, but a hands-on seminar, in which your BIM managers were shown in detail, what tasks they expect in detail and how they are arranged in a chronological order in a BIM project.

Your BIM managers are coming back from the seminar and are looking forward to the next project with the BIM methodology. So, they sit at their desk and prepare it and plan. Only which tools are now available to them. In the seminars, they were shown which software products BIM coordinators and BIM designers use, but not which products they can use. They have been initiated into the BIM methodology, but not in a methodology that allows your BIM managers to organize the project teams transparently, cooperatively, and digitally. Your BIM managers can then access the tools of the digital Stone Age that they have already used: smartphone, e-mail, spreadsheets and possibly a project management tool with a methodological basis that is no longer up-to-date.

Perhaps you have already heard of the BIM Planner System (BPS). The BPS is a mixture of methodology, strategy and software. It is a unique digital tool for the BIM manager. It relieves your BIM manager sustainably. The BPS reduces the emails, phone calls and the number of meetings. The BIM Planner System makes the project organization considerably more productive and thus also the entire BIM project.

If you would like to know more about the BIM Planner System (BPS), then you can contact me.


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