BIM, Lean Construction, Last Planner System (LPS) and BIM Planner System (BPS) – 4 Methodologies in Comparison: Where are the similarities? Where are differences?

Some talk about BIM, the others about Lean Construction or the Last Planner system. The number of working people who are informed about all methodologies is constantly increasing. So far only few speak about the BIM Planner system (BPS).

We all live in the age of digitization. Some methodologies work completely without IT. Others are inconceivable without the use of IT. In the age of digitization, a methodology does not necessarily have to be obsolete and obsolete just because you are not using IT. A methodology can also be developed further.

All 4 methodologies in my comparison have one thing in common. The work done should become more productive and efficient, and the teams should work together in a more transparent and cooperative manner in the future. I have considered BIM under the aspect of „the human in the processes“. Otherwise a comparison would not be possible.

Digitization does not mean that everyone is constantly communicating with a smartphone and the number of e-mails is constantly increasing. We hope that digitization will bring about renewal and advancement in nonverbal communication, making team collaboration easier and more efficient. We also hope that digitization will lead to a significant reduction of inefficient discussions with endless discussions about issues already known to participants.

The comparison criteria selected by me are subjective. In the resulting issues, I tried to be as objective as possible. I have been dealing with the different topics and methodologies in part for years. But the BIM Planner System (BPS) did not come into existence until this year. If any of you would like to know something about other criteria in this list, then please send me the criteria. I will add you to the list and update this article.


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